Portable External DVD USB 3.0 +/-RW DVD

Portable USB 3.0 TYPE-A,

DVD Burner, CD Burner, external CD/DVD drive,

DVD Player, CD Player


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Product Description

External DVD Drive, USB 3.0 Portable +/-RW, DVD Player for CD ROM Burner Compatible with Laptop Desktop PC Windows Linux OS Apple Mac Black.

About this item

  • Wide Compatibility – This external CD drive for a laptop is compatible with laptops or desktops with Mac OS, Windows OS, or Linux OS. The external DVD drive is also widely compatible with a lot of disc formats: CD±R/RW, CD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, VCD, and SVCD. For better connection, it’s recommended to plug the DVD player for the laptop into the motherboard port on the rear, not the front for desktop users. BTW, it doesn’t support TVs, vehicles, Chrome OS, iPads, tablets, projectors, radios, or blue-ray disks.
  • High Speed – The external DVD drive for laptop TYPE-A and USB-Cdual connector is suitable for different computer models and personal needs. The USB 3.0 cable of the USB DVD drive external provides high speed and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0, which enriches your choice. The maximum speed of the CD rom external drive for a laptop for reading and writing CDs is 24X, and for DVDs is 8X. This DVD burner provides a max 5Gbps data transmission speed.
  • Wide Application – You will find that owning this DVD drive will help in many ways. It can play and burn CDs and DVDs. Specifically, when the download version of a movie was more expensive than the disk, you could choose the disk and play it on the USB CD drive. You could transfer the music on the CDs to iTunes through this CD drive. You can use this DVD drive USB external to download some software or games from disks. You can convert digitized data to CDs or DVD format.
  • Plug and Play – The external CD drive for Mac is easy to use. Plug the CD drive external USB into your laptop, then a tiny box pops up asking which program you want to use to run the external disk drive (like Windows Media Player). Push the button to open the CD player for the laptop, put the disk in, and then close the disk drive. CDs play automatically with zero issues and zero lag.
  • Other Details – The built-in USB-C & USB 3.0 connectors of the disk drive are built into the cable so there’s no possibility of losing it. The CD burner for laptops with stable performance, sleek pleasing form factor, and low noise is portable and won’t get your precious disks stuck.

What can this disc drive do?

  • In short, this USB disk drive can play and burn CDs and DVDs. Once you have an optical disc, put it in the external disc drive and do what you want to do: read or write.
  • To be specific:
  1. This USB disc drive can digitize CD/DVD
  2. This CD ripper can upload your CDs to iTunes on your computer.
  3. With this CD to mp3 converter, you could copy music from your computer onto a CD.
  4. This DVD player for computer will be helpful when the download version of a movie series is 15 more than the disk
  5. These external CD & DVD drives can do the heavy lifting of ripping your CD collection onto your computer to keep your computer’s drives from so much wear.
  6. For teachers, this disc drive for laptops will be helpful when they are doing three different programs for a lesson from their computer onto their smart board or TV. Just simply plug it in and move through their lesson seamlessly. Also, teachers could have this CD burner for Mac as a way of playing a movie for “a class reward” or indoor recess.

This USB DVD Player: Wide Compatibility

  • Don’t know if this external optical drive is compatible with your computer or not?
  • Don’t worry! This external disk drive for laptops is widely compatible. No matter if it is a laptop, MacBook, or desktop, only if they are equipped with Windows OS, Mac OS, or Linux OS, this CD DVD external drive for a laptop will show up on your computer!
  • Once you plug this external DVD player for your laptop into your computer, it will bring up your downloaded Media Player, select it, and from that point forward whatever disc you put in will automatically open through it. You download a Media Player program onto your computer if don’t already have one before you hook it up.
  • With USB 3.0, this portable CD drive for laptops provides up to 5Gbps data transmission speed and enables you to enjoy movies and music without lag.