HP Envy x360 13m-bd1033dx OLED Touch Screen

For HP ENVY x360 13m-bd1033dx/0033dx/13t-bd 13-bd0xxx/bd00xxx, 13m-bd0xxx/bd1xxx 13t-bd0xx/bd1xx 13-bd0000/bd1000 13m-bd0000/bd1000 13t-bd000/bd100


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Product Description

LCDOLED Replacement for HP Envy x360 13m-bd1033dx 13m-bd0033dx (Silver-OLED Type) 13.3 inches FullHD 1920×1080 IPS LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Bezel with Board.


C0mpatible Laptop Model: Replacement for HP ENVY x360 13m-bd1033dx 13m-bd0033dx 13-bd 13m-bd 13t-bd 13-bd0xxx 13-bd00xxx 13m-bd0xxx 13m-bd1xxx 13t-bd0xx 13t-bd1xx 13-bd0000 13-bd1000 13m-bd0000 13m-bd1000 13t-bd000 13t-bd100 (OLED Type)
Warranty: 3 months
Size: 13.3 inches
Backlight: OLED
LCD Connector: EDP 40pins (Not for 30pins)
Resolution: 1920×1080 – IPS.

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