Cursor AP-700VA Active Pro UPS

Input Mode
Model: AP-700VA
Capacity: 700VA
Input Voltage: 240VAC±10%
Input Frequency: 50Hz
Input Phase: Single Phase
Input Voltage Range: 177~290VAC
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Product Description

Cursor AP-700VA Active Pro Line-interactive UPS


  • AVR Boost and Buck.
    Cold Start Function.
    Build in Self-Diagnostic Function.
    Fastest Charging Capacity.
    Auto Charging at Off Mode.
    Auto-restart Function.
  • The Cold Start Function feature available in Cursor 700VA ensures that it can be started without inlet power hence very effective when there are power outages.
  • Build in a Self-diagnostic Function that warns you of any malfunction in advance so that you are not left stranded during crucial moments.
  • Auto Charging at Off Mode allows your 700VA Cursor to charge when connected to the AC even when it is off.
  • You can still operate your connected equipment during short-term power outages hence ensuring you can save your undone work and even switch off your machine in the correct way after a power outage
  • With its compact design, Cursor UPS 700VA can provide battery backup and power protection even in locations with limited space.
  • Ideal for backing up home/office workstations, media centers, and home entertainment systems, the A-700VA switches to battery mode in milliseconds to keep your connected equipment running long enough to save files and shut down safely with no data loss